Time Machine

Make Your Next Event Memorable, Rent a DeLorean Time Machine!

Spring is among us and aside from getting out the grill, storing the winter attire and switching from heat to A/C its that time to prep for upcoming events!

Whether it’s a birthday party, 80’s retro bash, company outing or wedding, renting a DeLorean Time Machine could be that extra wow factor you’re looking for!

While the common use is for a stationary photo-op experience, we at Ohio Time Machine strive to accommodate every request!

We were asked by a client of ours if we would travel to Chicago, IL for a special event to recognize the accomplishments of a team of employees who have, throughout the years, brought them to excellence they are at today! Thinking it wasn’t possible to get a DeLorean Time Machine there, we quickly took the challenge; Not only did we meet expectations but added that extra wow factor when their CEO came out of the driver seat to surprise those that attended!

Similarly, we had a client rent us out as a Valentine’s Day gift to her husband, a long time fan of the film Back To The Future! She had brought her husband to Columbus for a dinner date and wanted to stop at our home office for a special screening of the time machine. We added the wow factor by adding on a ride-along around town to complete the experience. This surprise gift made her husbands dream come true!

And that’s what we strive to do with every client; To create that little special something that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Say goodbye to renting the traditional inflatable animal in the front yard or outdated photo booth, and give us a try for your next big wow factor!

As Doc Brown said “ Your future hasn’t been written yet so make it a good one!” We are Ohio Time Machine Rental and we are ready to serve you!


Rent a DeLorean Time Machine

A DeLorean Time Machine offers a unique opportunity to add an incredible wow factor to any event so why not offer that opportunity to Ohio? This was my thought that was the driving factor in starting this business. 

For the last eleven years I've run my own Martial Art School, hosting various events for my students. Some of them include, birthday parties, holiday themed events like our annual Halloween school ghoul party and so on. Like others who want to increase interest in events they are hosting, I scoured the internet looking for the one item that would bring such attention. Unfortunately, options are limited and you get stuck with the traditional over-sized balloons, inflatable animals or slides.

Nothing really stuck out that people haven't seen before, so I decided to ditch the out of date party supply choices and bring something to Ohio unique yet familiar. Something exciting  that I would enjoy but can also be utilized by surrounding neighboring cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. 

As you know I'm a huge fan of the film trilogy, Back To The Future and it's always been a dream to own one. I started to get curious and searched YouTube for themed events with The DeLorean Time Machine. I was hooked and knew this is what I wanted to bring to Ohio! 

I started researching about the car, its production history and story behind use in the iconic film Back to the Future. I also explored what it took to conduct a business; renting such a highly recognized movie prop. Soon realizing, with a little hard work and determination, like any business, Ohio Time Machine Rental was born! 

You might ask, Is this car just for Corporate functions or the occasional birthday party?  Absolutely not! Any event is suitable and our staff at Ohio Time Machine Rental is happy to discuss how we can make your event extra special! 

  • Weddings - Why not? Imagine you and your new spouse getting a photo and video of the both of you driving off in the DeLorean Time Machine, heading into your future together? Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!  It's just one way the DeLorean Time Machine can make your wedding day extra special.
  • Open House - Balloons just don't cut it anymore. I know you can picture it, The DeLorean Time Machine in the driveway, that will definitely turn heads! Mention the DeLorean Time Machine will be available for pictures and it will be the edge you need to attract a higher buying audience.
  • Block Party - Themed celebration or just a basic neighborhood get-together, invite the DeLorean Time Machine as the main attraction! Special effect and features on the car will  illuminate setting the ambiance as the party goes into the nights festivities!
  • Convention Centers - Comic-Con, Matsuricon, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Convention Center, Wizard World Columbus, Columbus Clippers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Buckeyes whatever your main event is, Ohio Time Machine Rental is here to serve you! Let us bring the DeLorean Time Machine to entertain your customers! Give us a call or email for more information. 
  • Public School and Colleges - Invite Ohio time Machine Rental to your school event!  We're here to help you make some extra money for your association. We'd be happy to help in a raffle prize, allowing a winner to Ride along in the DeLorean Time Machine. Plus, we offer several props for your guest to take pictures! 

May 2018 is right around the corner, if you're ready to invite Ohio Time Machine Rental to your next event, give us a Call us at 614-758-3315 or email at OhioTimeMachineRental@gmail.com

We Look forward to hearing from you!

In the words of Doc Brown: "The future is what you make it, so make it a good one!"