Rent A DeLorean Time Machine For Any Event!

It’s been only 8 months since Ohio Time Machine Rental has been open and it’s been humbling to see the overwhelming support we have gotten from our town and neighboring states! With write-ups in our local magazine The Columbus Dispatch and 614 Magazine to servicing great companies like Experian and Adex-Intl, 2018 had been a successful first year!

As we continue to grow and improve our service to those seeking to rent a DeLorean Time Machine, I thought I would take this time to answer the top five questions that we have gotten since we started this journey. While some of these questions are answered in our FAQ section of the website, this blog goes into a more detailed explanation.

#5 - “Why Can I Not Drive The Car” - The simple answer to this is pricey part replacements. While Insurance does cover certain issues, most of the time we Time Machine Owners are responsible for most of the bill. DeLorean parts are extremely pricey! For example I just had the torsion bar of the driver side door get replaced due to the part breaking. The part alone was $900.00! This is if you can even find a part since the car hasn’t been manufactured since 1983. While we want to make everyones dream come true to drive a DeLorean Time Machine, the risk is just to great and therefore we instead offer a ride-along option instead.

#4 - “Did You Build The Car?” - Most want to know if Ohio Time Machine Rental was responsible in the mod build, turning the DeLorean into a Time Machine. There are several companies around the states that tackle this type of technical build. Our car was built by Coulombe Enterprises, a Florida based company. Is this your only option however? Certainly not! One thing I have come to realize since owning a DeLorean is the overwhelming support from the DeLorean Owner Community. Several have created step by step plans including a parts list to construct ones very own Time Machine at a fraction of the cost it is to have a professional builder do it. One such owner, Andy Strano ( is an example of that!

#3 “Does The Car Drive?” - To be blunt- Yes, it does! Given the car is almost 40 years old and has a history of breaking down and electrical issues, its understandable why we get this question. Our car is NOT just a hollow shell inside with fancy props on it for display purposes only, we absolutely drive it around!

#2 - “Can I Get A Lower Price?” - You would think this would be my number one question asked to me but surprisingly there is one far more asked which I will cover here in a second. We try to accommodate ones budget as best as we can so why does it cost so much to rent a DeLroean Time Machine? Well as covered previously in #5, maintenance costs are a huge factor due to the wear and tear travel tends to bring to the car, but that’s not the only reason. We here at Ohio Time Machine Rental invest a lot to ensure a top notch experience when renting our DeLorean Time Machine. From the high end prop replicas and cast signed Back To The Future merchandise on display for clients to see and take pictures; to the staff that attends providing all necessary tents, stanchions, tables, chairs anything to make sure the experience retains a high VIP state of excellence!

#1 - “Is This The Car From Back To The Future?” - Don’t be fooled! Many DeLorean Time Machine owners claim to have one of the originals from the film but the simple fact is all are mere replicas including ours. There were six DeLoreans used in the film with three (classified as the A, B and C car) still in existence.

“A” Car - Located at the Peterson Museum and California, this vehicle gives the most detail of the remaining 3. Apparently this car was used for all the close up shots in the movie hence why it is the most detailed!

“B” Car - Located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This car was used for the action sequences in the film including being outfitted with train wheels for the train scene in Back To The Future 3.

“C” Car - Is in the hands of a private collector located in New England. The car was retrofitted to look like the vehicle in Back To The Future 3 and goes on display occasionally for all Back To The Future Fans to enjoy!

I look forward to what lies in store for 2019 and beyond! AS Doc Brown so eloquently put it “Your future hasn’t been written yet, so make it a good one!” Will do Doc and I’ll see you all in the future!