Extra ordinary Adventure, Extra ordinary Seller!

January 6th, 2018 2:34pm marks the half way point until construction is complete! I wanted to take a moment to share with you the unique way in which this all came together! 

Bruce's team was key to finding a car that would suit the needs to build a Time Machine. I'd done some extensive searching over the last year and hadn't found any hopeful options. Until one Saturday night I was out of town, I got a text from Bruce's lead DeLorean researcher Joe, about a unique find. 

Ebay seller, Kerry had posted his car up for auction, providing 36 pictures detailing the many areas of interest on the vehicle. Most of the engine was repaired along with the entire wire system being stripped out and redone (see photo below). Kerry was an electrical engineer by trade and the re-wiring of the car was one of the most highlighted points of the Ebay sale. 

After a few text exchanges with Joe I was assured this was a once in a lifetime find. Anxiously I watched as the time dwindled down and with 20 seconds to spare I placed a bid. To my shock I was won the bid!

After the shock of winning the car I decided to phone the seller. I started by congratulating him on selling his vehicle but to also introduce myself and make plans for payment and shipping. I was expecting an answering machine or a cheerful voice when I called but what I received was far from what I expected...

The phone connected and I heard crying on the other end. Kerry and his wife were in tears and I found myself speechless as Kerry attempted to muttle out the word hello. I introduced myself as the buyer of the car and that I congratulated them on the sale. Kerry apologized for his emotions and explained that the car was the first thing he and his wife purchased when they got married so it has a lot of sentimental value. Sympathizing, I offered to deny purchase to allow them to keep the car but happily they said it was time to let it go for someone else to enjoy. 

We spoke for about 2 hours and had a very pleasant conversation. When I saw the car I could see how much it meant to them just by the care it showed. 

A needle in the hay stack for sure and a delightful story to go with it!

Until next time....