Meeting Ernest Cline, Author of Ready Player One

Saturday, March 18th 2018 - It's been a while since I've updated you all on our progress here at Ohio Time Machine Rental (OTMR) and I have much to share! 

With roughly a month and a half to go before we officially go live, OTMR has booked two gigs for May, and several others are in the process of scheduling. Plus, we've been hitting the social outlets making a lot of really great connections here in the Columbus area! Earlier this month we attended an amazing event meeting Ernest Cline, author of the best selling novel, Ready Player One and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

For those that do not know, Ready Player One takes place in a dystopian Columbus, Ohio in the year 2044. The book follows protagonist Wade Watts in a search for an "Easter Egg" in a worldwide virtual reality video game, that can lead to the creator of the games vast fortune! The book applies many references to 80's films, games, songs and TV shows; which is right up my alley, being such a fan of the 80's! Best of all the main character uses a modified DeLorean Time Machine as his mode of transportation! 

The Ernest Cline event also drew the interest of the DeLorean Club of Ohio. I was really happy to see they came out with several of their cars! Plus, I was able to meet a few members and catch up with member and DeLorean owner Kevin Krinn (look for a blog about meeting Kevin soon) because he'd just finalized his digital dash and I was waiting to see it!  As expected, it was awesome, check the photos below for a look at the finished product!

On the day of the event I arrived an hour and a half early anticipating to be the only one in line, but to my delight, the line was wrapped around the building! Once inside I was introduced to a childhood friend of Ernest Cline, his name is Andy, and he shared his childhood fun and memories! We had a lot in common and chatted for a while, which made meeting the man behind the book even more exciting! Plus I ran into one of Bruce Coulombe friends, Craig, who drove from Toledo (3 hours) to be there! Small world!

As you know Ohio weather is not... predictable so Ernest Clines flight was delayed, making him a bit late for the event, but we were still very happy to hear that he was on his way from the CMH airport!  All of a sudden voice came from the podium proclaiming "He's here!" A young lady was holding the mic, trembling a bit as Ernest Cline walked in, making a hastily approach to the stage. Full of energy and a positive vibe, Ernest welcomed the audience and immediately went into his speech. He started with the history behind the novel and his passion for writing. As he spoke I could tell he was grateful for what got him to where he is now and that he hadn't forgotten where he came from. He spoke very highly of his brother and I could tell regardless of the fame he has received, he's just a down to earth, humble guy from Ohio who values family and friendship above all else. 

Ernest Cline spoke for about an hour and began to sign books. Though getting a picture with Ernest Cline was not an option due to time constraints, he was gracious enough to sign three books per person! 

And let me tell you he was just such a respectful and patient person. He took the time to answer questions and shake hands. Before I knew it I was standing in front of him. I had three books for him to sign: One was for my daughter and the other two were for two of my students. I said "Hello Sir nice to meet you! Bruce Coulombe says hello!" 

Ernest Cline Looked at me with a puzzled look and said "Bruce? You know Bruce?" I smiled and told him "Bruce is building my Time Machine and Bruce had mentioned that he had helped you in repairing your flux capacitor." Ernest smirked and let me know that Bruce was a great help and, like me, thinks Bruce is a stand up guy. 

We continued to talk for about the Time Machine, specifically certain parts on the car Ernest Cline is wanting to improve and how Bruce is building my car. Once we finished talking, Ernest Cline reached his hand out to me, letting me know it was nice speaking with me, a class act to say the least and I hope to get the opportunity to meet him again! 

A great day for sure and many more to come! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to our launch date and make sure you go see Ready Player One opening in theaters March 29th! 

Until next time .....

Renting a DeLorean Time Machine in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Indianapolis!

Saturday, February 17, 2018 – It’s been seven days since we launched our website and already we have received many inquires requesting rentals! It’s a great feeling knowing there is interest in what we do and we here at Ohio Time Machine Rental are working hard to answer every email. We have also used suggestions in the emails we received to better our site for our viewers! Facebook and Instagram are no exception as well in allowing our fans to offer suggestions in helping us improve our business so thank you all for that!

There is one question though that seems to be coming up among all the inquiries received that is not on our site which we are in the process of providing in the FAQ section and that question is how far we are willing to travel to.

All in all, our goal is to provide services to the greater Columbus, OH area including neighboring areas such as Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Cleveland, eventually expanding outside the Ohio region as our business grows!

We understand though that some restrictions may hinder the opportunity to be a part of your event such as horrible weather conditions or car repair issues if they arise but ultimately, we strive to provide everyone the opportunity to rent such an iconic movie prop!

I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of your special event! 

Until next time......




Time Machine Update!

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share with you updates on the DeLorean Time Machine build and all that has been happening here at Ohio Time Machine Rental.

Well to start with the obvious, the website is up and running! Special thanks go to Erica Shuelva, graphic designer for the business logo and for working overtime to meet the short  deadline I had for her! With Erica working overseas, everything was accomplished via FaceTime which made it even more  amazing that she was able to capture my vision and bring it to life! Many factors were given when designing the site and after several critiques from users and changes, we finalized on a site that not only is mobile friendly but easy to navigate. 

Second comes new faces to introduce! While in Florida I got the opportunity to meet Rob and Kyla, two talented actors who portray an array of noteworthy characters like Beetlejuice, Betty Boop, Popeye even Marty McFly and Jennifer from Back to the Future! Rob and Kyla have done various character events for Coulombe Enterprises that includes participating in the upcoming MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. A great couple for sure and they are on board to assist Ohio Time Machine Rental with any event a client wishes!

Now on to the car. I recently returned from Florida visiting the DeLorean Time Machine and I couldn't of been happier at the process in which Bruce Coulombe at Coulombe Enterprises and his team have made! The time circuits, flux capacitor, just to name a few items (see the pics below for more items that have been installed) are in place, as I write this blog the flux bands are getting prepped to be applied. Bruce shared with me all the little details that I thought added a special touch to the car, for example a secret compartment he built to reach the fuse box and taking the time to explain the detailed electronics that will be strategically placed in the front trunk area of the vehicle. I cannot be more impressed with Bruce and his team and I snagged my Ohio plates for the car and grabbed a few photos as well as the progress which are posted below for you to view!

Finally I would like to add a special thank you to Adam Kontras, owner of Rent the DeLorean of whom without giving me the time of day to answer my questions when all other owners ignored my calls as well as without his suggestion I would have never met Bruce, I wouldn't have even gotten to where I am now so thank you Adam! You might not think you did much of anything my friend but to me it's the small things that make the most difference in a persons life.

More to come so stay tuned.........



Rent a DeLorean Time Machine

A DeLorean Time Machine offers a unique opportunity to add an incredible wow factor to any event so why not offer that opportunity to Ohio? This was my thought that was the driving factor in starting this business. 

For the last eleven years I've run my own Martial Art School, hosting various events for my students. Some of them include, birthday parties, holiday themed events like our annual Halloween school ghoul party and so on. Like others who want to increase interest in events they are hosting, I scoured the internet looking for the one item that would bring such attention. Unfortunately, options are limited and you get stuck with the traditional over-sized balloons, inflatable animals or slides.

Nothing really stuck out that people haven't seen before, so I decided to ditch the out of date party supply choices and bring something to Ohio unique yet familiar. Something exciting  that I would enjoy but can also be utilized by surrounding neighboring cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. 

As you know I'm a huge fan of the film trilogy, Back To The Future and it's always been a dream to own one. I started to get curious and searched YouTube for themed events with The DeLorean Time Machine. I was hooked and knew this is what I wanted to bring to Ohio! 

I started researching about the car, its production history and story behind use in the iconic film Back to the Future. I also explored what it took to conduct a business; renting such a highly recognized movie prop. Soon realizing, with a little hard work and determination, like any business, Ohio Time Machine Rental was born! 

You might ask, Is this car just for Corporate functions or the occasional birthday party?  Absolutely not! Any event is suitable and our staff at Ohio Time Machine Rental is happy to discuss how we can make your event extra special! 

  • Weddings - Why not? Imagine you and your new spouse getting a photo and video of the both of you driving off in the DeLorean Time Machine, heading into your future together? Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!  It's just one way the DeLorean Time Machine can make your wedding day extra special.
  • Open House - Balloons just don't cut it anymore. I know you can picture it, The DeLorean Time Machine in the driveway, that will definitely turn heads! Mention the DeLorean Time Machine will be available for pictures and it will be the edge you need to attract a higher buying audience.
  • Block Party - Themed celebration or just a basic neighborhood get-together, invite the DeLorean Time Machine as the main attraction! Special effect and features on the car will  illuminate setting the ambiance as the party goes into the nights festivities!
  • Convention Centers - Comic-Con, Matsuricon, Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Convention Center, Wizard World Columbus, Columbus Clippers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Buckeyes whatever your main event is, Ohio Time Machine Rental is here to serve you! Let us bring the DeLorean Time Machine to entertain your customers! Give us a call or email for more information. 
  • Public School and Colleges - Invite Ohio time Machine Rental to your school event!  We're here to help you make some extra money for your association. We'd be happy to help in a raffle prize, allowing a winner to Ride along in the DeLorean Time Machine. Plus, we offer several props for your guest to take pictures! 

May 2018 is right around the corner, if you're ready to invite Ohio Time Machine Rental to your next event, give us a Call us at 614-758-3315 or email at

We Look forward to hearing from you!

In the words of Doc Brown: "The future is what you make it, so make it a good one!"


Extra ordinary Adventure, Extra ordinary Seller!

January 6th, 2018 2:34pm marks the half way point until construction is complete! I wanted to take a moment to share with you the unique way in which this all came together! 

Bruce's team was key to finding a car that would suit the needs to build a Time Machine. I'd done some extensive searching over the last year and hadn't found any hopeful options. Until one Saturday night I was out of town, I got a text from Bruce's lead DeLorean researcher Joe, about a unique find. 

Ebay seller, Kerry had posted his car up for auction, providing 36 pictures detailing the many areas of interest on the vehicle. Most of the engine was repaired along with the entire wire system being stripped out and redone (see photo below). Kerry was an electrical engineer by trade and the re-wiring of the car was one of the most highlighted points of the Ebay sale. 

After a few text exchanges with Joe I was assured this was a once in a lifetime find. Anxiously I watched as the time dwindled down and with 20 seconds to spare I placed a bid. To my shock I was won the bid!

After the shock of winning the car I decided to phone the seller. I started by congratulating him on selling his vehicle but to also introduce myself and make plans for payment and shipping. I was expecting an answering machine or a cheerful voice when I called but what I received was far from what I expected...

The phone connected and I heard crying on the other end. Kerry and his wife were in tears and I found myself speechless as Kerry attempted to muttle out the word hello. I introduced myself as the buyer of the car and that I congratulated them on the sale. Kerry apologized for his emotions and explained that the car was the first thing he and his wife purchased when they got married so it has a lot of sentimental value. Sympathizing, I offered to deny purchase to allow them to keep the car but happily they said it was time to let it go for someone else to enjoy. 

We spoke for about 2 hours and had a very pleasant conversation. When I saw the car I could see how much it meant to them just by the care it showed. 

A needle in the hay stack for sure and a delightful story to go with it!

Until next time....

The first time...

November 11, 2017 at 10:15 I finally saw it. I sat in the drivers seat, overwhelmed with emotion and realized, my journey had just started. One of my childhood dreams to bring one of my favorite movies to life was becoming a reality! I'm aflame thinking about the impact this nostalgic vehicle will have on fans new and old, and even more passionate about the community, large and small that we will bring together. 

Until next time...

The DeLorean makes it to the shop

October 25, at 3:32pm the DeLorean made it to the shop in Florida! 

The car looks great and I have the original owners to thank for that! Aside from two minor repairs, the car, built in 1981 is very road worthy and the body condition is near mint. Now comes the exciting part, the car is becoming one of the most iconic movie props-to-date. This job is in the hands of a talented individual with an impressive resume! 

Bruce Coulombe, owner and lead construction designer of Coulombe Enterprises has vast experience building DeLorean time machines. I knew the moment we first spoke about transforming my car that I'd found the right persons for the job.

Bruce, former low voltage engineer at NASA, design and tech support of security, fire and CCTV systems for ground operations, provided contracted tech support of low voltage systems for major theme parks such as: Universal Studios Orlando, Disney World and many others.

Bruce was the lead tech in assembling the Universal Studios Orlando Jurassic Park Adventures animatronic dinosaurs. Today Bruce and his company works closely with Universal Studios Orlando providing commercial and entertainment support with their DeLorean Time Machines and other movie themed vehicles.

Bruce has built almost 30 DeLorean Back to The Future Time Machines. Fans have come from all over the US to get their custom designed cars, not only for a DeLorean, but for other iconic movies like the Jeep from Jurassic Park and the robot from Lost in Space! 

Five months of construction awaits so stay posted for updates!